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18 days ago Description

About is about building a great base and destroying your opponents. You are in charge of an army of ants, collecting resources to build walls and defenses to keep your Headquarters safe.

How to Play

First,  choose a place where you build your main building, the Headquarters. You will need all three resources to grow, so look for a place where are those three mines in a close distance. Clicking on a game object shows its information and controls, so build some Workers by interacting with your HQ.

Select your Workers and move them to a resource mine by right-clicking on it. After you have mined some items, you can build more buildings like Barracks, Farm, Factory and more. Strategy

The goal is to destroy your opponent's HQ and defend yourself against other players. Build a wall with defense towers to keep you safe and Stronger and Faster ants will grant you a great destruction power.