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About Battlz.Club

Battlz Club is an exclusive fighting club for members. Members go head to head in close quarters combat in an attempt to steal as many souls as possible. Collect more souls to advance in rank and title. Skilled members will advance more quickly, as the larger your current 'Soul Streak' gets, the more experience is awarded for each soul collected.

How to Play

Battlz.Club is best played with a mouse, but if all you have is a trackpad, we've got you covered. Z/X or >/? keys function as right/left clicks. (Placed so that you can use your right or left hand on the trackpad)

Hitting other players knocks them back, try to knock them into the fireballs to redeem their soul. If they don't die from your attack, that's okay, because their damage meter will go up, and next time they will fly even farther!

Energy orbs are scattered around the map. These fill up your dash meter. A dash attack doesn't do as much damage as an attack, but it does knock them back a bit farther than an attack would. You can use this to help finish off a foe, or to escape a fireball closing in on you!

Get out there and collect some souls, how high can you climb in the elite member ranking of Battlz Club?

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