Bloble is an incredibly entertaining 2d strategy game, it pits you in a map with multiple other opponents dotted around the map and its your job to see that they fall. You are given a limited amount of space to build and develop a troop indicated by a dashed circle, within this space you can build 7 types of buildings and upgrade them through the cost of power.

How to play

Like all strategy games there are always several different tactics that can be considered top tier, you’ll find these out through trial and error or simply asking people in game using the in game chat. In this free for all strategy its you vs everyone, this isn’t to say that you couldn’t ask for an alliance with some near you or team up to take on the server tyrant etc.. In Bloble you have the option of 7 types of buildings that can all be placed in areas within your circle these are; walls, generators, houses, turrets, snipers, barracks and armouries. Each one doing pretty much what it says on the tin, it is highly recommended to start off with a decent amount of generators so that the rest of your progressions goes a lot smoother.


All buildings can be placed or removed through left clicking, the WASD or arrow keys can be used to navigate the camera and the R key resets your camera back to your base view.

3.51 avg. rating (70% score) - 3341 votes

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  • Alex Kehling is actually quite unique in a way from what have seen…and maybe for the fact that I think it is the only type of .io game that has this type of gameplay.
    The game is fun, but will admit I do get quite mad when I am doing good…only for me to randomly get disconnected. Game is fun, can’t wait for updates, but hate the random disconnects.

  • vexter

    Ugh… such a mess.

  • Me

    Please fix the disconnection…
    Too many times i dc while i was first place

  • The_Meepinator does not take much skill its all about hoping you don’t spawn next too someone with barracks that spam soldiers or tanks. spawning in any corner of the map is the best possible spawn location. because only 2 people can attack you and you can have walls on the sides pointing towards the corner the micro generator walls
    also when you spawn dont get turrets get 5 generators and upgrade 2 of them too Power Plant before getting any defenses.

  • Gamertag10988

    hey how do we attack. i don’t know how.

  • DatDopePenguin

    How do you attack other people

  • DatDopePenguin

    How do you attack other players

  • Dinko

    This sounds hilariously similar to my game blobe:

  • Gamertag10988

    This game is unique and really good. I think that it needs a tutorial, and when you first start a kind of shield to prevent spawn killing.

  • Enjuミーム藩主

    completley broken
    cannot even get started because of all the sweaty ***** who invade you as soon as you start no point even playing shit game

  • grisha5

    You attack by building soldiers, then selectring them and right clicking things you want to attack.

  • Hunter1028

    How do you attack and make the outside red circle gray so you can put things on it I’ve tried everything and it’s starting to get anoying but besides that I love the game.

  • Hunter1028

    I can’t attack