About Blockergame

Blockergame is probably one of the most feature rich IO style games I have seen so far. It mixes in simplistic IO Game style game play with a more traditional RPG style. You start the game with a choice of classes and team color. Each class comes with its own weapon/skill. My personal favourite is the necromancer but there are 8 classes in total to choose from.

How to play

As with most RPG games, you hack and slash your way through enemies, collecting coins along the way, you can use these coins in shops to buy new weapons and other cool items. Shops aren’t that easy to find however, you have to work a little in order to get to them (I wont spoil how to find shops).In true RPG style this game has a few bosses running around. They are easy to spot out due to their difference in appearance so they shouldn’t be too hard to find, simply put you will know them when you see them. I haven’t yet managed to kill one yet however I have come across a few and ran proudly. The main aim of the game is to capture and hold the little castles whilst competing against the other teams.


The game is pretty simple to control, use the WASD or arrow keys to move your character and use either left click or the space bar to use attacks.


4.23 avg. rating (84% score) - 837 votes

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  • Beisilka

    Ok game VERY GOOD

  • fang

    love hitting invisible barriers!

  • angry player

    it’s a totally sh*t

  • Junkrat

    This seems like a great game, but it is SO unresponsive. My necromancer only moves two seconds after I tell him to.

    • kitty

      yup like many other woud-be cool games

  • Blocker Developer

    Sorry for invisible barrier bug! I still looking to fix it..

  • János Gorondi

    Hello i think this is a super game, but still need some improvements for example: i think the boss is too strong i can kill him just once he is too powerfull, more classes , new game modes, more stuff to buy . Good luck for these!

  • iogamesdotspace

    You could get an ad blocker. There are many available for browsers like chrome.

  • Michael

    Is it only me or when i click to play the game i see a infinite cycle of 4 white blocks and they never end doing some pattern that just goes in a circle?

    • Teppo Witsaraz

      What browser are you using? It is support only modern browser chrome, firefox, or newer

      • Michael


  • Teppo Witsaraz

    Maybe you have a problem with Google Ads.

  • Polarbog

    I really think that you guys should make it so that when you are a necromancer you can push your zombies around, because whenever I fight a bandit I always die, because my zombies surround me so I can’t move because I like doge the bandits attacks by going through or around my zombies

  • Polarbog

    I don’t like that the bombs you throw as a bomber don’t explode on impact, they explode at a certain distance, so as soon as someone of something gets close enough to you, you can’t hit ’em.

  • Wanted

    some shitty ping even with 50ms