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Discussion for io game
The following is a discussion for Feel free to add your own comments! Play here:
Great time Spender!
For some reason you get really sucked into gatheringall these little dots, however I would love to see something that allows for us to beat even the really big players, maybe something involving the dash mechanics?
Nice, but...
Nice idea, but it sucks when there is a big player (2k+), to small to run away and you are just food. :-/
Yeah, I'm still working on
Yeah, I'm still working on balancing the game. I got the game featured for a day so I can observe players' interactions and figure out how to make the game more fair and fun :). This is my first game of course so I'm still really new to all this balancing stuff, but I'm working hard to make it better! Thanks for the feedback :)
Different for me
When a large player (granted, it was only 300+) was attacking me, I was just able to dash through their wall and kill them from the inside. I don't know if this is because they were just a bad player, but it is possible to get 'em.