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Discussion for Tactics Core io game

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Discussion for Tactics Core io game
The following is a discussion for Tactics Core. Feel free to add your own comments! Play Tactics Core here:
best game
best game thanks manAddicting Games
awesome game needs likes and attention special version on steam
Needs more attention people need to spread the word about a free game like this. It has major potential and with time, updates and lots of commitment and time by a group of people it could definitely become a game worth money even if it's only a little. This could be like an ultimate version or something. though i like it free and to much stuff may ruin the game or ruin its wonderful charm. This can be a discussion for possible ideas, development, bugs, updates, complaints and, sometimes opinions.
multiplayer is difficult to set up
I think having multiplayer games should be easier like updating team matching and, being in the same room or even in a party? Multiplayer should also have more features alongside just general multiplayer interface and mechanic updates. I don't want to be demanding and i also don't want people to update this if they don't normally or if they do not want to because it is fine by itself.