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Discussion for io game
The following is a discussion for Game. Feel free to add your own comments!
Love it.
love it
my favorite io game by far
Best game ever
By far the best io game!
Very fun and addicting. Devs are super chill and always very friendly and nice. I made an account to this site just so I could leave a nice comment for this game. 10/10 would recommend
Perhaps the best up game rver
Absolutely love this game, you should definitely check it out!
Evades is a simple looking
Evades is a simple looking yet fantastic game. When I first played it I thought it looked dumb, but I was wrong, this game is so fun and addictive and by far the best .io game I have ever played!
Хорошая работа, разработчики. Благодарю за феноменальную игру, которая стала частью моей жизни уже на протяжении двух лет. Good work, developers. Thank you for the phenomenal game that has become part of my life for the past two years.