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New boss Ender Dragon, The Wither


    The main task in Crazy Steve is to collect as many points as you need to collect apples and diamonds appearing on the map, you get much more experience for diamonds, and thanks to apples you can restore health. a lot of diamonds, you know what you are attracted to this game? Yes, you need to scatter around dynamite pieces, shoot arrows, attack with a sword, shoot fireballs and many other weapons to destroy rivals, and then take their experience to yourself. , which s you can kill and restore his health 

    With each new level, you increase slightly. Together with the volume, the ability of your character to Crazy Steve io to collect apples and glasses increases, but at the same time you slowly slow down and become more vulnerable to attacks by fast rivals. the Top player quickly opens the hunting season, the players are scampering the field in search of a 'fat boy.' So the more points you score, the sharper the battle becomes! 

    Another feature of Crazy Steve io is that you can undermine your own checker.Once you can throw 3 pieces at once, only after the explosion of one of them you can throw a new one.There are different helmets, wooden, iron, gold, diamond and trolley, put them on or sit in the trolley to be more protected! 

    Apples and eggs appear on the map all the time, they usually fight in the center and therefore one should periodically look at the edges of the map to collect a large crop of glasses.

How to Play

Steve moves toward the cursor.

Left mouse button Steve attack.

Steve accelerates with the right mouse button. Strategy

The best strategy is to blow up the biggest players, but when you become big, will not they kill you?


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