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about 1 month ago

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Trinomaly presents:


About is a game being actively developed all the time. New features come out approximately every week. It is a uniquely styled game inspired by the old snake game. There are only 4 directions you may travel. You cannot go through yourself unless you have the correct power up. This game was just launched, and it'd be great if it could get a player base quickly. Please take the time to share this game with others. Don't worry, though, if there are too many players, the arena will be expanded! Also, the more players I see, the more new power-ups get created.

How to play

It's really easy! Just jump on, click join, and use the arrows to get really fat! The yellow ones will make you bigger, the white ones will give you a power up. Your current power up may be seen at the bottom of the scoreboard to the right.

Arrows: Move

Z: Map strategy

Here are a few key things every player should know:

1. If someone's bigger than you, take them out!

2. If you can't beat them, join em! Use them as cover if you just can't take them down.

3. If one doesn't do it, then come back with 10,000. Join with others to take out the big snakes hogging up the leader board, or they may finish you first.



Have fun! Sincerely,

The little elves at Trinomaly.