About Dodgeballs

In this agario-styled game you find yourself as a blob surrounded by a lot of smaller blobs which can be picked up and thrown. This game follows the rules of conventional dodgeball, if you get hit you’re out well in the case its game over. As you secure yourself some kills you’ll gradually work your way up the leader boards, its important to note that only the kills secured in the current life are added to your leaderboard score. So far all of the available servers are based in America so if you’re from Europe like me and looking to play you may have to deal with a tad of latency until they branch out.

How to play

True to its name is played like dodgeball, the balls bounce off terrain and walls and if you get hit either directly or from a deflection you are out. The only difference is balls can not be caught however if two thrown balls collide they will bounce off each other giving players with good accuracy the chance to block in coming attacks. All of the balls are multi-coloured, this is because you can not pick up two balls of the same colour in a row, so if you recently took a yellow ball and killed Tony you can not pick up another yellow ball until you take a different colour first.


Your character is lead with your mouse cursor and left click is used to throw held balls.

3.35 avg. rating (66% score) - 1363 votes

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  • It’s a brilliant idea, but the site need big work. I joined to find a game with dodge balls zooming across the map at light speed, and nothing you can do to avoid being instantly wiped out, without seeing it coming, a big disaster. Perhaps the developers can add a speed cap, or diminishing gains fro each kill, or something to limit the speed of those balls. That’s the biggest problem.

  • Robbe Dauw

    To much Lag ****

  • kai etringer

    wont connext

  • fang

    fix the lag (rating 1*)

  • EverSeeImmortals

    half the time i cant even pick up a ball