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Cross Promotion: is a multiplayer PvP battle arena. There are different places, each with own unique creatures and characteristics. Rabbits can be found anywhere, or you can choose to explore in the dangerous land of fire-breathing dragon. There are also different weapons in the game, from basic magic wand to powerful golden excalibur, to destructive flame throwing reaper.

How to Play

Mouse: Movement

Left mouse button: Shoot

Right mouse button: Dash Strategy

Kill monsters, take the food (small dots) they drop to level up.

Fight people of lower levels and try to escape from higher level players.

Level difference results in huge difference, just like in the magical world.

Become a traditional farmer who only concentrates on killing monsters, a fighter who hunts down high levels, a bully who only beats low levels, or a kill-stealer.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
Update (September 26) -> New Boss: Viking Truck -> New Monster: Giant Lady Bug -> New Monster: Giant Bee -> Improved Stone Graphics
Update (September 14) -> Buff: Crossbow (+5% Range) -> Nerf: Spear (-5% Damage) -> Fixed the score inflation caused by x1.5 score
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Well: - The controls suck, but I think that's a gimmick. - The game can't handle latency well at all, which then often leads to my character running uncontrollably straight into something that can quickly kill it because of the lag. - The game is super fast but then slows down to a grind after level 12, where it then takes centuries to hit level 15, assuming no one ganks you and your character doesn't go full-retard into a field boss. - Nobody ever really talks, and when they do, they're toxic as shit.   So yeah it's a perfect MMORPG simulator, 10/10.

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