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Gunzer,io is a 2D shooter io game based on the armed forces. Military training came out to build an army. Find the power box to buy a high-priced soldier. Soldiers have many levels to buy. Armed Forces To protect the chief Is not killed And score first. 2D characters with classic and new guns. The energy gun can destroy the opposite side of the bullet.

How to Play

Keyboard control Move : WASD Soldier Summon: 1-9  a-z

Attack : Mouse Strategy

Beginners should be soldiers who use less power boxes. Out to protect the chief. And find resources. Power box as many as possible. Kill other players To keep score

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This game wont work it always is trying to authenticatre then it says done for a fraction of a second then goes back to authenticating and then it repeats. is there a way to fix this?

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