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7 months ago

Hexon.Zone Description

About Hexon.Zone

You start with a tiny yellow core. However, you can collect modules scattered throughout the map to strengthen yourself. Hexons have different properties. Some grant you more health, some grant you cannons, and some grant you collision damage. Do what you can to protect your core and destroy others! 

How to Play Hexon.Zone

Press T to toggle Tutorial

Use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move. 
Use mouse to aim and shoot. 

You lose if your core is dead. Protect your core at all costs! 
Collect modules and attach them to your core to expand your ship. 
Consume energy hexagons to upgrade your modules.
Modules will be lost if they disconnect from your core cluster!

Hexon.Zone Strategies

Be cautious about how you build your ship. Keep in mind that hexons have different propertities.
Try to aim for weak areas of your enemies, disconnecting and stealing their modules to expand your ship faster.
Remember to consume energy hexons to upgrade your modules.
Use your imagination to build the perfect combination of hexons and outsmart your enemies!