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Multiplayer online hexagonal minesweeper.

Fight against other players, claim your area and steal theirs in a massive world.

Reach the top of the leaderboard by having big score. Claim as much of the world as you can for yourself in this puzzle iogame.

How to Play

Drag to move around, otherwise it's like a traditional minesweeper:

Left click/tap to reveal a tile.

Right click/hold to mark a mine.

Don't reveal a mine or mark a normal tile!

Number on a tile corresponds to amount of mines around it.

Strategy for

Start with tiles having 0 value. That means there are no mines around and you can safely reveal every tile around it.

To find your first mines, search for tiles with their value equal to count of unrevealed neighboring tiles. E.g. if you see a tile with value 1, that doesn't have any neighboring mine, and only has single unrevealed neighbor, the neighbor must be a mine! You can mark it as such using right click/long hold.

Then look for tiles with their value equal to amount of already marked mines around it. If the value is equal to amount of mines around, all the remaining tiles cannot be mines and you can safely reveal them!