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Humans & Robbers


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Humans & Robbers
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Humans and robbers online game

Hide, survive, win. You are but a gormless human. Your day consists of nothing but walking from one room to another and watching television.
That is until the robbers come. Beware! The robbers are here and they are dangerous. The robbers only want, the robbers will only take.
They will break down the doors, smash through the windows and they will kill you: if you let them.
In order to survive the night, you must hide. You must barricade yourself and you must fight back.
Find weapons, shoot, stab, and smash them right in their faces. Barricade yourself in the house or outsmart the brutes and beat them at their own game.
You must hide, barricade yourself in the house and outsmart the vile brutes. The hunter will become the hunted in this epic game of survival.

Move: W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys
Shoot: Left Click
Drop Item: G
Pick up item: E
Buy items: B
Level up: N

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