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New IO game built with the latest HTML5 technology.

Fight other players and grow your mob strength & size to the top!

use each mob's unique ultimate ability to gain the upper hand in the battle

collect gold from your victories and spend it to upgrade your mob powers or unlock new mobs.


How to Play

Load the game and type your player's name in English.

Pick a mob from the main menu.

In-game controls:

Movement: Hold left click with your mouse.

Attack: Stop holding left click near an enemy. (each mob has its own attack range)

Stop Attacking: Move far away from the enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Right click on the mouse.

Collect 100 gold and buy new mobs from the "Mobs" menu Strategy

Start by fighting weak animals in a small horde (attack 2-4 animals in one fight),

try to avoid other players while your mob size is small.

after your mob grows to 25-30 units, attack stronger animals

like wild boars & bears (for maximum XP and score points).


the bigger your mob the better chance you have against other players...

you will get other players XP, so killing big player mobs is very gold & XP rewarding.



TIP: think when to use your ultimate ability, it can decide the course of a battle.

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