Big changes to has undergone some major changes. We have moved to a new site, built with the Drupal content management system. The purpose of this transition is to make it easier for developers to manage their games and audiences on The design and UI of the site is mostly the same, but we added a ton of new features.

Some of the new features include:

  • A customizable developer page. When a user accesses one of your games on, there will be a small widget with thumbnails to “other games by this developer.” That widget will link to your developer profile, which contains thumbnails of all your games, as well as a short bio (which you can edit). The developer profile will be pretty barebones at first, but we intend to add more bells and whistles, like a developer rating (average score of all your games).
  • Forums. A developer forum, general forum and “looking for group” forum, as well as individual forums for individual io games. Individual io games topics are automatically created when a user leaves a comment on a game.
  • Comments on games. Users can register and leave comments on games. We’ll be experimenting with other user-generated content (e.g. reviews possibly) in the future, but for now we want to see what generic comments will look like. We hope that being able to see comments will help developers garner feedback.
  • Video thumbnails. Users that hover over your game thumbnail will see a quick clip of your game. We feel this feature is important as thumbnails don’t do a lot of games justice. Although the video thumbnail is optional now, we may make it mandatory in the future, so we encourage you to make video thumbnails for all your existing games. The current specifications are: 400-499 KB, MP4 format and roughly 208 x 120 in dimension/aspect ratio (does not need to be exact).
  • A “patch notes” section. This is a simple text field you can edit after your game is published. We hope that developer will use this to keep players in the loop with changes to their game. In the future, we plan to add a “newly updated” category, which will show games with new updates.
  • New store. No more going back and forth with emails to purchase tokens. Instead, you're now able to purchase tokens via the automated checkout system. Payments with Paypal or credit card.
  • Mobile link. You’ll be able to add a link to a mobile version of your game (e.g. a google play version). During or after a game is submitted. Please use this as the mobile-friendly site will promote those games separate from desktop.
  • Mobile support. The new site is mobile-ready, however, not every game is mobile-ready. We’ve added a new field which you will need to check off if you want your game to appear on the mobile version of the site.
  • Featured game thumbnails on game pages will be randomized (only the homepage will be based on newest and top-rated).

Other notes

In general, it will be easier to edit your games on You don’t need to find your game through a convoluted backend to make changes (e.g. change the thumbnail). Instead, if you are logged in with your account, you should see an “edit” link on your game page.

Concerning accounts

Our goal is to transfer all existing account information from the old site, including email and game submissions. You will be able to login to the new site using the same email and all of your published games will be active; however, you will need to change your password using the “request password reset” via email as your original password will not work.

Your purchased tokens and featured spots should transfer seamlessly, but if there are any discrepancies, be sure to let us know at [email protected]

Since the existing site did not collect a username, you will be assigned a randomly generated number. We encourage you to change your username when you first login to your account. The username is important to your brand as a developer and will be shown prominently on your developer profile.

The Future

We intend for this website overhaul to just be the beginning of our plans for We plan to expand into developing tools and services that help developers manage and grow their player audiences in the io games space.

As always, any feedback is welcome. We encourage you to post it on the new forum, in the “ feedback” sub-forum, or on our new discord (link below).

~ the team

( our new discord: