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Discussion for ZOMBS.io io game
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Needs work
After playing for 3-4 hours and getting all Green gear and a base I realized you can't even fight other players. Their turrets ignore shield, bombs bows are worthless. Players ignore shields and hit you directly. After having over a million of every resource a guy who played for probably 15 minutes next to me was able to not only kill me and make me have to restart upgrading my pet and self. But completely stop me from even breaking one block of his base since at Lvl 2 you pretty much can't kill anything regardless. It isn't rewarding to max yourself out if someone who just started can be considered immortal to you since you cannot damage their bases.
not for killing others
This game is for killing zombies not other people. Its there in the title 'ZOMBS'. If you want to kill others then play zombs royale. Its basically a tower defense game and you have to defend from waves of zombies so why do you want to kill people???
Hey i cant play zombs.io
It says that it refused to connect