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Discussion for io game
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Cant gain more planets
At some point i cant gain more planets... I keep sending my ships and nothing happens. Is it normal?
Maybe you reached the limit
Maybe you reached the limit of planets and you don't have any more money in the game. Check the top right side if you have any money. Should look like this ⚜1.00-0.01, the 1.00 is your money, 0.01 is your deposit. If you have the same amount of money and deposit you have 0 money available to own a new planet.
upgrade refunding
how about adding upgrade refunding? you would get 0.5 for every upgrade refunded. it would be useful for extra points, or if you are fighthing a losing battle razing your own worlds so the enemy can't use them against you
Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. I could do that, but probably I should not allow them to be refunded instantly, otherwise when somebody is about to kill your planet you start refunding all upgrades quickly. I will think about it :)