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Discussion for Drednot.io io game
The following is a discussion for Drednot.io. Feel free to add your own comments! Play Drednot.io here: http://iogames.space/Drednot-io
guys this game is grate and i
guys this game is grate and i love it i think you shuld add map whit no pvp betven players just enamis  and singl player with freands add freand list and chat 
add more servers
add more servers
very fun
one of the best io games in awhile
how do i fix sign in
hey i need help with my game, it wont let me play on my chromebook, i accidentally used my school email can someone please help me?
i think Cogg should add a new
i think Cogg should add a new feature into the game. So that u can place colour tile under any block
My friend cant get into his ship
My friend made a ship and he was the captain , he sent a invite link to me and my friends and now he cant get onto his ship? Even when he used the invite link it didn't show up , but me and my friends could still use the link and see it when we looked at the ships list Please help