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Discussion for Hole.io io game
The following is a discussion for Hole.io. Feel free to add your own comments! Play Hole.io here: http://iogames.space/hole-io
Game is shit
The server is hosted internationally and it gives off shore or local resources a head start - I am on Itel i9900K with 500GB of ram with duel GeForce RTX 280s 11GB video cards, Spectrum Cable with 1GB 2ns lan, all on a eero Mesg 5.8 ghz net work - I have a Deathadder Elite mouse, Bose acusta mass Pc sound system and Razer - Huntsman Elite keyboard but when the game start 1. you jack asses turn up the adds sound 3 times the volume and do not allow for a mute, 2. when I enter the game I am already 3 to 5 secs behind the rest of the plays - I have spoken about volume control at the Gardner PC gamers booth at comic con and at Tech World - I would rate the game as far as game play a 5/5 but managed of the player expereince a -5 - Too many adds, 30sec to 25 sec adds every game in last hole is redicular and greed!   
Bug or hacks?
So, I've done the Last Hole Standing thing a couple of times now. The times I made it to the end, it seemed as if at least 1 other player was completely out of bounds, and I was unable to actually win or end the game somehow. Heck, at one point I *SAW* someone just drifting off the island. I don't know if it's a bug, people hacking or a bad internet connection.
i can never get this game to load the most games i ever played before it loaded forever was 2 usually i cant even play one