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IO Games on Kizi
I've been hearing the .io games are the latest craze over the internet and I wanted to try some of the popular titles I could find on the web. I stumbled upon this site called Kizi.com. It's basically a webpage with lots of different game categories and games that you can play for free. So first, I tried Agar.io, which is pretty fun and one of the best examples of the genre according to players. The second one I tried is Hole.io and can't decide which one is my favorite. There's also this game called Coronavirus.io, where you try to save the world by controlling a savior virus to defeat the pandemic. I've never thought these browser-based games would be this fun and addictive. They're great for having a quick gaming session and from what I can tell, you can access Kizi from your smartphones too. I'd say you guys should totally check it out. https://kizi.com/io