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2 months ago

Obsidio Description

About Obsidio

Throw down in a 50 person brawl! Level up as you take down players and become stronger for your next challenge! Currently, there are 3 characters (Chain, Simca, Zeer'kaan) each with 4 special abilities. We are currently in alpha phase, with a mobile client on the way! Come visit us at and tell us what you think!

How to Play Obsidio

Arrow keys move the character (you can separate jump to its own key in settings, its the up arrow by default)
Q: light fast attack
W: hard-hitting attack
E: dodge / evade
R: special ability

Obsidio Strategy

Everyone gains experience by surviving, but when you get a kill or an assist you take a percentage of the target's experience. A kill will take 40% of the target's experience and an assist will take 10% of the target's experience. Each character has their own skills and strategies but the overall mechanics are the same. You want to kill or assist the kill on opponents to get more experience and continuously get stronger.

Player Colours
The colour of a player's name and map indicator tells you their strength compared to yours. 
Gray: They are weak, not worth fighting.
Green: Green means go, you can probably kill them and they are worth the exp.
Yellow: They are a little stronger than you, but could be worth the risk.
Red: They'll probably wreck you, but really good experience if you can pull it off.

Levelling Up

Levelling up does two things, it increases your stats and more importantly, it resets your damage. So you want to get right into the fight and get as many kills and assists as you can. But, if your damage is getting higher and you start flying away too easily, play it safe and just survive. Keep throwing in ranged attacks just trying to get enough exp to get to your next level. Then get right back in there and mess some people up!