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Cross Promotion: is an adventure MMORPG game in which you control cute characters and fight monsters across the land. Life is a journey and we're all oin it together. So, slap into this great arena style MMO where you can upgrade your character, customize them, build their stats and create something new and exciting over time.  You will start with a cool customizable character which you can then take into the arena. Go on missions, side quests, and interact with other players as much as you want. The secret to upgrading is defeating monsters and acheiving glory. You will start your journey as an ordinary everyday person but you will quickly progress and become stronger with each monster that you defeat. On you travels you can collect gold and valuable items that can be used to exchange for power ups for character. Continue to defeat as many monsters as you can and become stronger and stronger until you are the most powerful being in the land. Collect weapons, clothes, and various other sorts of cool ways to customize your character as you smash your way up the charts. You will begin as a humble child and slowly smash your way into victory. Your name will raise to fame and everyone will know who you are! Good luck!


Hello, Yesterday I was playing for few hours, had lvl 10 and around 1k Fame, Today I logged in and I'm back to lvl 1, why doesn't is save even when I had Auto Save information. Could you help please? Yesterday was playing via site Best regards

I saw there was a new boss but the save system does not work anymore since a few days. Same thing than xShadow happened to me. Please help. Keep up the good work.

I've had the same thing with xShadow. I want to help

I know it says that accounts will automatically be created but I don't have one / I don't know if it sent something to my gmail
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