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Massive Online Adventure Game

Relmz is a mini mmo rpg io game all about fighting monsters and finding loot!

Inspired by World Of Warcraft.

- Explore a mini world filled with dangerous monsters!

- Defeat monsters to get XP to LEVEL UP and get stronger.

- Find awesome weapons and gear to customize your character.

- Get fame for defeating higher level monsters and rule the leaderboards!



Click to move your character and interact with the world of
If you can click it, you can go to it!

(Press E) Make sure you use your inventory to use your items. Strategies

- Gears have stats so mix and match different gear to get awesome results.
- Be sure to add items to your hotbar for quick access. It could save your life.
- Some weapons have special abilities so be sure to pay attention to their descriptions.
- You character is automatically saved as you play.
- Dying reduces your level and fame so be careful! Strategies



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Developer is still active and there is an active discord server. Very easy to find help or people to play with on there!

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