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Rooooids is a fast pacedretro adventure. In you are a hunting down enemy ships to earn points and grind for upgrades. Choose upgrades according to your play style: combat-heavy, stealth, or just trolling. Follow the marker to your target UFO to earn bonus points. This is the game you've been waiting for. 

How to Play Rooooids

Use the arrow keys to rotate left, right, and activate your thrusters. Fire your weapon with space. When you have an available upgrade, press the "u" key or click the upgrade text to open the upgrade menu, and select your upgrade with the arrow keys and space or use the mouse.

Some upgrades grant special abilities that can be activated with the number keys. Be careful - abilities have to cool down before they can be used again.

Rooooids Strategy

Early on, you'll want to avoid enemy ships and focus on hunting your target UFO and earn upgrades. Once you have a few upgrades, go after enemy ships to earn the most points. Match your play style to your upgrades. Want to go combat heavy? Pick upgrades to increase your fire rate and damage. Prefer to sneak up on your enemies? Pick invisibility and sneak attack. Mix and match upgrades to create new strategies.

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