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4 months ago

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Rops is a rock, paper scissors version of chess to put it simply. At the start of a round you can place 10 pieces on your side of the board and 1 bomb, its recommended to have a good mixture of pieces unless you find a better strategy that works for you and have the bomb protecting a flank.

How to play

The rules are simple, once the round has started you take it turns moving your pieces around the board, the first one to lose all their pieces loses. In classic rock, paper scissors fashion, rock beats scissors but loses to paper, scissors beats paper but loses to rock and paper beats rock but loses to scissors, make sure to remember this as even if you’re the one to attack you’ll still lose your piece if its weak to theirs. Another important feature in this game is that if you have a piece at the edge of the map you can move it directly to the opposite side(will be shown in the tutorial) make sure to use this to catch your opponents off guard!


When placing your pieces use number 1 to select rock, 2 to select paper and 3 to select scissors also 4 can be used to place the bomb but you’re only allowed one of these in a regular match.