Slain is an awesome brand new survival/horde defence game, you begin as a level one noob with nothing but weak attacks to defend yourself against the spinning spiked npcs and other players but as you gain experience you can build yourself in to a force to be reckoned with. With nine available stats that can be tweaked and boosted there are endless possibilities to kit builds as you reach higher levels, not to mentions its tons of fun!

How to play

Your main objective in is survival, you’ll be up against some tough npcs as well as a variety of other players, all you have is your fists and limited stamina to deal with them so keeping your distance is recommended until you’re sure you can take them on. As I previously touched on there are 9 trainable stats in game, to level them you first need to fill up the experience bar at the bottom of the screen, this can be done by walking over the passively generating orbs on the floor or killing npcs/players. After this bar is full you will gain a level which enabled you to advance in one the nine skills, we recommend playing the game several times to determine the best build for you but I’d personally suggest getting some early hp/armour and maybe a little movement speed so that you can safely kite out your opponents.


The controls for this game are as simple as the game is fun, to move your character simply use the WASD keys and left click to punch in whichever direction your mouse cursor is.

4.01 avg. rating (80% score) - 374 votes

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  • Why

    If somebody is bigger than you on this game they are faster and stronger and you are dead if they want you dead. No hope of running away and surviving.

    • Trevor Haskin

      There are some problems they need to fix. For example: when you spawn, a level 3 could easily kill you, so there needs to be some sort of spawn protection.

  • SoRa The SLaYeR

    ti doesnt work properly

  • Ckszy

    The word noob is very offensive, remove this word IMMEDIATELY!!!! Also, WHY IS EVERY SERVER “OFFLINE”?!?!?!?!

  • Just a brazilian

    Please fix the problem of teleporting, and fix the bug to pass the walls (black not the transition to the other levels), and create a server for Brazil.

  • Me

    Would be fun without the lag… 1/5, unplayable.

  • DixDix (DipfHD)

    I would have to be like diepio, every time you die you reappear with half of your experience, that would make it easier for many people, I know, but it would also help MANY more

  • asd

    why not connecting :(((

  • asd

    why npt connecting

  • DE


  • Sto

    i keep die the lag is evil

  • AcrOP

    SOOOOOOO LAGGY, i keep dying

  • Commander

    If you Camp you will Be Lived Like me 121 Level And if there a small dot take them away if you don’t they spawn near you if your team don’t camp your 2 player team will Death Do your Camp Best you will Lived