Slay is an awesome 16bit shooter game with 4 different game modes. You venture around the map searching for weapons and supplies in order to survive, you start off equip with a simple weapon that has unlimited ammo but isn’t very strong. Collect weapon crates/ammo in order to kill people more efficiently.

How to play

As I mentioned already there are 4 gamemodes to play, deathmatch, CTF, zombie deathmatch and team deathmatch, these games all follow the conventional rules that I’ll assume you’re familiar with from other games. Basically your objective is to survive whilst taking out opponents, bare in mind that in the 3 game modes other than team DM it is a free for all so trust no one and shoot everyone!


To navigate around the map use WASD and use the mouse in order to aim/shoot once you’ve amassed enough energy you can use a special feature that I’ll leave secret by using either Q or E.

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  • Fubblesquad

    Funny how the best gun in this game isn’t futuristic. I would go as far as to say the minigun is OP.

    Also, why doesn’t the sniper 1 shot NPCs?

  • Fubblesquad

    I have an idea for this game, it sounds far fetched but hear me out. Lets have the player skins mean something. What I mean is have each skin have a small boost like the solder skin takes 2 less damage or the mage skin has +3 intelligence but -2 strength. Something to give your outfits some meaning.