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Destroy enemy ships, paint the territory and get to the top of the ranking in Splash Wars, a frenetic online multiplayer shooter!

About Splash Wars

Splash Wars is a mix of strategy and shooter game where you take control of a ship trying to take over the whole battlefield by spilling ink all over the map. The problem? That's everyone's goal, too. So grab your guns, shoot down your enemies, take control of the drones that will help you in your domination and show who's boss on the daily/weekly ranking!

How to Play Splash Wars

Your goal: paint as much of the map as possible while avoiding enemy bullets and shooting down enemy ships for extra points. 

Controls on desktop: Your ship moves forward automatically: Press and hold left arrow key or right arrow key to turn around. Shoot by pressing the "Space" key. Press and hold up arrow key to accelerate, or press and hold down arrow key to slow down.

Controls on mobile: Touch anywhere on your screen and your ship will head there. Double tap anywhere over the map to speed up. To fire, simply press the button on the lower right.

Splash Wars Strategy and Tips

- Avoid accelerating too much, since you can't paint while you are speeding up.
- Keep your distance from the drones, since they can kill you very easily.
- Prefer painting the corners, since it will be harder for the drones to paint over you.
- Slow down when you need to improve your shooting accuracy.
- Have fun!
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