Starblash is an incredibly addictive space themed shooter game, you take control of a small, basic ship to begin with and harvest gems to increase your stats. Once you’ve maxed out the stats available to a specific ship you are given the option to evolve your model into a different type of spaceship that has a different type of weapon set/overall stats.

How to play

This game can be played either passively, avoiding other players and farming gem rocks until you’re strong enough to defend against yourself or you can play aggressively and try to attack people as they’re roaming around or farming which is definitely more fun in more opinion. In my personal encounters with the game it seems that the larger ships usually have teammates who join them either out of fear of being destroyed or just people they know, because of this it is highly recommended you try to make a friend in game or bring one in with you!


This game gives 2 options for every action, you can either control your ship via arrow keys and fire using space bar or you can use your mouse. When using your mouse you navigate by holding in right click and dragging around whilst shooting with left click, I personally prefer this option as you have more definite control over your movements.

3.76 avg. rating (75% score) - 1258 votes

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  • Overnewser

    Very nice and fun game. Works well! Thank you for sharing

  • milou hogenboom


  • Merk

    This game sucks. Yes its fun and has cool graphics, design, etc. But jerk players ruin the game with overpowered ships that NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO GET but them. Make a class tree, and maybe put in a ship shield so dick headed players cant swarm people like me 24/7. Do these things and i may rate higher than 1 star.

  • SzQ

    It has great potential but it’s hardly playable currently.
    1. It’s hard to join fresh server where players don’t fly 4 lvl ships already and joining such server is pointless.
    2. There need to be some safe zone where you can start. As usually a lot of players just destroy those who have no chance to defend or run which is very negative experience instead of fun.
    3. Already seen cheaters who slaughter high lvl ships using basic lvl 1 ship.
    4. There’s no way to rejoin server with settings you enjoyed.
    5. 4 team deathmatch with simple bases like in would skyrocket playability.
    6. Balancing will come with time. Tech tree with real stats would be very appreciate.

    • Blaster

      yes so many cheaters coming to me using “AİM BOT”
      i hate aimbotters all shots with %99 accuracy no change to run no change to hit back
      maybe game needs a aim protection if 1 player can destroy so many players (5 or 6) with %100 accuracy ban him 1 day for cheating aimbot

      • hh

        I can kill any ship using lvl 1 ship and i dont use aim bot. im just good.

  • SzQ

    Ok, it currently became totally unplayable. Some guys with “GG” in name constantly follow you and destroy with lvl 1 ships.

  • Heart

    1) Very good graphics.

    2) Extremely imbalanced game. probably the worst balance i ever played in my life.
    Too bad because this Could be very good.

    1 level ships can kill 2/3 level ships because of the low speed at the beginning. you die 2 times and you lose the ship.

    • Starblastio

      Hi, thanks for the feedback (dev speaking). Our game is very young and
      needed some balancing. Which has been done this week. You now get 3
      extra lives with your ship upgrade. Also lower level ships are now less

      We keep working on the balance currently, and we have
      also added a cool communication system allowing players to create teams
      or plan attacks together!

  • Spacecow

    I really enjoy this game. The only this I don’t like is survival mode. It sucks! It just gets rid of everyone except the person with the best ship. Everyone else stands no chance and they die. Why have it?

    • jexa


  • Blaster

    game need 3 new game modes

    Space Station Mode (PvP) (likes diep,s domination mode)

    Team Mode (PvP) (again like diep,s team mode)

    Space Station Defence Mode (PvE) : 1 space station (players) 4 space stations (AI)

    space station in invade start your engines destroy invaders forces and invaders hangard to win game

    SPDM Setting for good playing:

    ASTROİDS: İf destroyed astroid gives 1 – 10 red diamonds

    İNVADER FORCES : level 1 ship to level 6 all ships coming with so many attack forces

    İNVADER FORCES SETTİNGS: if level 1 ship destroyed gives random 3 or 5 players to 1-5 random red diamons ans waves up rewards going up like wave 2 gives 1 – 6 wawe 3 2-7 wawe 4 3-5 wawe 5 (boss 5 level ship) gives all players to 20 red diamonds and more things think that idea that ideas can be super good for game 😉 cya

  • Tj

    I found that this game was really fun. The balance is ok? It’s quite hard to fight against #1 @ 11 tier 5 being #3 @3k tier 4 especially when you can’t upgrade as well with the map only spawning small rocks. Also I couldn’t fight off lower tier ships because balance?