Tenz.io is a really cool, space-based combat, multiplayer .io game. In tenz.io you play as an alien inside of a circular glass spaceship, and use your WASD keys to thrust around in space. Use left click to shoot your standard laser bullets, and right click will shoot out a massive and powerful bomb. As you play and kill more players, you will gain many different upgrades for your ship. Try to become the king of space!

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  • Man

    it doesen’t work for me i just have a black screen 🙁

  • As of the time of this comment, my computer cannot establish a connection with this site.

  • 97 Potatos

    this dosent work

  • tenz.io

    Hey guys, we had some small server issues, but they’re resolved.
    Go ahead and try again if you like! 😀 @97potatos:disqus @Isaac_Moench:disqus

    • Smoshi

      Am getting connection was reset. I’ll give it a try later.

      • tenz.io

        Connection issues should be resolved by now! 🙂

        • Pikachu


  • Frederick Eason

    The site still won’t load for me.

    • tenz.io

      Connection issues should be resolved now, try again and please let me know if there’s any problems. 🙂

  • tenz.io

    We rolled out Update 2.7 today! We’re continuously working on balancing the power between players. This update is mainly focused on getting a more fair gameplay. https://tenz.io/updates/#update-two-seven

  • Aaron

    Horribly, horribly unbalanced. Join at level 1 with 0 points and there’s some dude flying around with 110,000 points and hugely upgraded. he’s faster so you can’t run away, and kills you in like 6 shots. where’s the fun in that?

    fix the balance issues or this will be a short-lived game

    • tenz.io

      Hi @disqus_Sri6yGdbZ4:disqus !

      Higher level players are not faster or slower than you, but their damage and rate of fire will be way higher than someone at level 1.
      Higher level players going slower wouldn’t change much either, because you could stand still if you’re above 60k points and kill someone that’s coming in at a distance. So the way right now is to stay away or boost away from higher level players, unless you can take them on with your ultra skill or play strategically alone or as a team.

      We’re aware that it might not always be fun having to be on the run until you have a high amount of loot on you, but we’re experimenting with tenz.io and currently working on finding a good way to balance out the game. We’re planning to push out a new build of the game later today. Could be “game changing”, so I hope you will want to give it another shot. 😀

  • tenz.io

    Update 3.0 is now live! We’re introducing bullet hell and some other changes that balances power between players.