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about 1 month ago

Tolxy Description

About Tolxy

This is an original compilation PUBG and Agario.

How to Play Tolxy.

Your guy is training in sandbox first time. Later you can go to Battle Royale mode to fight with other players on diminishing arena. You will confront dangerous viruses, smart bots, learn to teleport, successfully hunt big players, use secret splits, find friends to fight together in clan.

Tolxy Strategy

Eat food and grow. When you become big, split your body to eat other users. Avoid viruses.


To control the game you just need to use your mouse with keyboard or touchpad. The mouse navigates your guy around. The SPACEBAR allows you to split in half. The “W” key allows you to eject some mass for feeding other guys, viruses or help you drop weight for faster moving.
On the tochpad you can use virtual joystick and special buttons "Split" and "Eject".