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In this game you control your player with your mouse. You have to create a triangle around the players. You can use skins, just select it

How to Play

Control your player with mouse (or touch on mobile devices).

Put a node in your position by pressing Space, right click (or double click on mobile devices).

When you have 3 nodes, a triangle is added with the nodes as vertices. Every players inside the triangle will be killed and you will win points.

You can use boost by holding F (or forcing touch stick on mobile) or holding the left button. Strategy

Moviment your player and put a node (SPACE), then go away and put another node. Put the last node when you realize it will form a triangle around another player.

If you are bigger than other player, you can move over than and he will be freezed for 5 seconds.

When you are running, you lose some points

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