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WAZANA.IO brings the io games to a new level. is a unique .io game in which you must build up and protect your base. Manage resources to evolve and fight against other players online. This game has detailed 3D maps and game mechanics that will keep you playing for hours.

Factions and Worldwide Map

There is three different starting factions with their own play style and perks : BAAKO, ODDALRIC and DEADELUS.
Chosse a city on the worldwide map, the different types of city also offer unique bonuses depending on your preferred play style.
You also have the choice between different game colors which will offer new game style at every battles. Try each one to find the one you prefer.
Once you have selected your faction and base, you can choose to play against other players or a bot. The game will then connect the two base through a portal.

Ressources and Battles

The game revolves around the resources of energy and matter - Extractors can collect these two resources. Once you have enough you use energy and matter to purchase upgrades, new buildings, military units and skills.
Then you can go to your enemy base by clicking on the minimap and send your units to attack. And don't forget to use your special skills of your faction that can aid you in times of need. 


  • Left click to select buildings and units
  • Right click to order movements or attacks


    Take to the battlefield and play the fantastic RTS!
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