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Zombie rain is a Battle Royale game where you not only fight with other players, but also kill zombies and eat donuts. Battle Royale like you've never seen before!

You start your way with only a small revolver. Shoot, run around the map and find more powerful weapon.

You can use the following weapon:

  • Extreme submachine gun;
  • Powerful shotgun;
  • Mega rocket-launcher.

If you are low on health, try to get the nearest health box, but remember you are not alone on the map. Battles take place in the abandoned lands full of fast zombies. It is better to avoid them as long as you can, otherwise you will be eaten in a moment. If clever player notices you run away from horde of zombies and busy shooting them - he will see an opportunity to kill you fast. And believe me, he will do it. Kill and try not to be killed. The last surviving hero becomes the winner and claim his well-deserved reward.

At the end of each match, you earn experience. Rank up to unlock new skins and special events. Compete with other players on the leaderboard. At the end of each season, three best players will receive awesome and really valuable prizes.


Mouse - Movement.

The hero will aim automatically.

Left click - Shoot.

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