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Cross Promotion: is a classic endless struggle between cats and mice. Collect food intended for your character, be it a cat or mouse, so that your flock will multiply. Then, feed your flock to make it big

    For every character of his type of food. For cats it is fish and cat food Kiskas, which gives more points than fish. For mice, this is a slice of cheese and a large cheese that gives more points than a slice of cheese. Cats can not eat mouse food, and mice can not eat cat food. There is a special meal, it can eat both mice and cats, it's energy and steroids. Power engineers increase your speed for a while. Steroids increase your size. Also in the game there are first-aid kits of two types: a small leak and a large first-aid kit. Small leakage treats only you, and a large first aid kit treats you and your entire flock!

    When your flock will be great, you can combine the two members in a large amount, the more a member of a hundred, the more damage it inflicts. Create the largest and most formidable flock in the game and win universal respect!

    On a minimap, and also their size, be careful! Also on the map there are bushes, in them you can hide and you may not be noticed, but if the enemy climbs into your bush, beware!

    When you get into a fierce battle between your flock and the flock of your opponent, your flock will begin to take damage, make sure the status of each member, if someone had perebitovan, so it is strongly inherited, and he must be treated! it is necessary to feed the food so that it will restore health or give it a first aid kit.

    When you need to attack the enemy, press and hold the left mouse button and directing the cursor, lead your flock to the enemy.


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