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About is an all new unique IO game based around multiplayer pool. On the procedurally generated map, you will find both standard balls and other players. Potting a standard ball nets 25 points and potting players will earn you 100 points and will steal half their score! Every level you can upgrade your stats and every 2 levels you can upgrade an increasingly powerful ability, unlocking a second one at level 12.

How to Play

Pot standard balls and other players to earn points and level up, increasing your stats and your abilities as you go. Watch out for the golden ball to spawn, as potting it will earn you a powerful bonus for a period of time.



Left Click - Charge Power
Right Click - Max Power
Scroll - Zoom


Q - Ghost
E - Multiplier
W/S - Boost Up/Slow Down
A/D - Swerve Left/Right


Ghost - Path One - Become invisible, making other players phase through you.
Ghost - Path Two - For a shorter time, also become invisible while moving!

SwervePath One - Swerve out of harm's way to either side.
SwervePath Two - Swerve more often!

Multiplier - Path One - Activate a points multiplier for a period of time.
Multiplier - Path Two -Multiplier lasts longer!

Boost - Path One -Suddenly speed up or slow down mid-shot.
Boost - Path Two - Change speed more often!

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