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Deploy powerful buildings and units cards to destroy your opponent's Castle in this fast paced strategy IO game!

Create and customize your deck then upgrade your units and buildings stats to unleash powerful forces into the arena and defeat your opponent!

How to Play

Click and drag cards to your side of the arena or use the hotkeys 1-8.

Choose your upgrades by clicking the arrow. Strategy

Try to time your attacks so your opponent will have a hard time defending it. You can set the spawn point of your units by clicking into a building and then in a adjacent space, use this to your advantage!

Buildings are always more cost-efficient than units, but they are slower and have less instant impact.

Use unit cards to gain momentum or in anemergency defense.

Notice that unit cards don't generate wood or income. Keep that in mind so you don't ruin your economy!

Check the community reddit to post your feedback and get involved!

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