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Cross Promotion: is an epic battle royale game where you must level up your character to win.

Welcome to the fantastic world, where mini warriors become mighty giants!

How to Play
Move your mouse cursor around to move your character.

Left mouse button - attack

Right mouse button - speed boost Strategy
1. Focus on level up and targeting low level players early on.
2. Collect shiny rocks to gain experience to level up.
3. Keep an eye for collecting the chests your enemies drops, you'll earn gold by opening them.

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Great game!

this game fakes a community. in fact you are just fighting dummb bots. could be fun, but it is ruined by the dev. you suck, dev.

i just lost everything i got the last time i played... 15 levels, 2 epic items and 1 legendary item....... honestly guys wtf?!

how come this is nr in the top games? nobody plays this.the entire map is filled with bots..

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