DatTank is a tank io game where you join a team to rule the leaderboards. In this game you get added to 1 of 4 coloured teams your job is to eliminate as many enemy tanks as possible and increase your score to be the leader! Around the map are health packs and ammo packs so if you take some damage after a fight you can prepare again for the next encounter.

How to play

You start off with 100 hp and full tank ammo capacity. Take over towers and dominate on the arena with your team! Improve your tank characteristics to be as powerfull as possible and get into global leaderboard! The easiest way to be successful as a Dat Tank is by working with your teammates, after all two tanks are better than one and they sure do a lot more damage! (Also if your teammates are scrubs, use them as meat shields).


AWSD/arrows - move your tank around

Hold Space or mouse button to shoot

Health and Ammo can be regenerated by driving over hp/ammo packs.

Level up your tank by getting more score and improve your tank speed/gun power/armor, etc.

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