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Fakemon Club

Fakemon Club
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Welcome to In this game, you can capture the monster and train them. When the monster level up enough, they will evolve. High level monster take long time to get to next level, so you can catch up with others. You can also use your monster to battle with other trainer in pvp zone.What's more? You can do quest to get gold, or defeat boss wave in the dungeon.
Different monsters appear in different regions. How about catching all the rank A monsters and show your friends about it.



Just a warning: Today I lost my inventory of Fakemon. It was 3 days worth of playing and I spent a long time on it as I found it enjoyable. I feel like I should warn potential players. No one likes to dedicate time on something that can be lost, even with a save feature in the game. I hope it can be resolved soon. I'm not the only one with this issue, either. Others that were online at the time also lost their inventories. Their discord server also has people posting in the bugs section about this.
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