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Welcome to glap in this game you can build a space ship, for that you can collect new parts by exploring the galaxy!

This is one of the few io games that save your progress it's easy just click the save button!

Trade - Craft - Explore

How to Play

Mouse to attach parts to your ship

Use WSAD or Arrowkeys to move your ship

Use the keys "O" and "P" to zoom in/out

Use enter to chat

Use edit mode to change your setup in a safe zone no one can harm you here Strategy

Try to pickup a cargo module and go to the moon to get your first booster, the there is no limit, only your imagination!


For some reason, the game won't connect no matter how many times i refresh the page.

game wont work plz i liked glap in the 2018's but now its gone the developer needs to know this

About that. you can join the discord where people are talking about the glap game and stuff. currently there is someone making a 3d glap. on u prob wont see this but whatever.
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