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Cross Promotion: is a strategy io game where you can team up to conquer more territory. Hexagorio is one of the few strategy games that I consistently play, its a very thought intensive game however so to fully enjoy it its advised you have some experience with other strategies. You start off with a small home base and conquer adjacent land plots in order to increase your territory, doing this will expand your troop and also ensure that your home plot is better defended.

How to play

Once you have some land surrounding your base you can begin to build towers that can defend you in case of an intrusion by another player. Be careful because other players will try to break into your base and conquer it, if they do all of your land will be taken over and deleted! To be successful in the world of I’d suggest trying out several builds and ensuring that the land surrounding your home base has a lot of turrets to defend against incoming attacks. When expanding its important to try and gather wood/stone plots early to get supplies for towers, to harvest the resources simply click on a claimed resource plot and it will harvest the supplies.


The game mechanics are quite simple to understand, all hexagons can be interacted with by left clicking, the top left of your screen is where you’ll want to grab your towers from and the top right offers an alliance system that allows you to send requests to people in your game.


Who ever designed this game need their head checked!!!!!! Why would a developer design a game where the opponents have a major speed advantage over you. It makes no sense... Can't even add more than one block before some opponent out of no where expands so fast and out clicks you before you even have a chance to do anything. Worst game ever, I hope this developer goes out of business.

but i still hope the developer goes out of business
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