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About Neuronball

Neuronball is a futuristic sports management game. You create a team of robots and play matches in realtime against other players. You can upgrade your robots statistics and components, earn XP points, buy and sell your robots on the market. Your team competes in a global and local championship with realtime rankings.

How to Play Neuronball

Select robots for the next match and create your formation. When you are ready, click "Ready to play" to play a match against another player. Invite supporters to the match to boost your team stats. After the match, use the earned points to improve robots stats, replace or refill used batteries, change selected robots and formation and get ready for another match.

Neuronball Strategy

Your robots will improve over time, don't forget to use their points to improve their core stats. When possible, upgrade to a better class of batteries, CPU and AI module. Specialize your bots (Goalie, defender, striker etc.). Always keep a look on the market and don't forget to develop your headquarters to produce fast charges, new robots and increase your global stats.

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