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About is unbounded 3D MMO voxel editor. The world is shared and built collectively by people like you. Invite your friends, build whatever you want wherever you want, it's all up to you!


How to Play

Control keys:

1 - View mode. Use mouse to look around and WASD keys to move.

2 - Build mode. Select voxel color from bottom menu, left click to put the voxel.

3 - Pick mode. This mode is colorpicker. Pick voxel color from existing voxel around you.

4 - Destroy mode. Select voxel and destroy it by clicking it.

Enter - Open / close chat window.

Space - Open / close tools window where you can share your location or change view distance. Larger view distance requires faster internet connection and more powerful CPU / GPU. Reduce view distance if you experiencing lags or low FPS.


All control actions are also available by clicking icons at the bottom of the screen. Strategy

Actually, there is no special strategy. world is unbounded, so just go there and build whatever you want. Invite your friends to build something great collectively. Have fun!

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