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Connect 4 IO

Connect 4 IO
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Connect 4 IO is the io version of the household game, Connect4. Users can play in a public or private game, and enjoy 3D photo-realistic graphics as they play the classic four in a row game. It supports auto-graphics, so the game will also run smoothly on all devices including mobile, and scale up the graphics for faster devices based on their performance. Future updates will include full audio support and the ability to spectate games from the main menu.

How to Play Connect 4 IO

Click or touch on the row you want to drop a token in. Align 4 tokens in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, to win!

Connect 4 IO Strategy

Try and trap your opponent into building support pillars for your token alignments.


I am sitting in the back of math and it took 75 minutes
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