Hyper Fleet (beta)



Hyper Fleet Overview

They have returned. We'll get our revenge, but for now you must protect the home station from the incoming waves of enemies. Invite friends by copying the fleet link to get bonus during your journey to unlock new ships, upgrade weapons, earn new abilites, place portable stations, complete new missions and much more. 


- Move with mouse
- Click to fire
- Keys 1-9 for abilities and 0 to drop stations once unlocked
- Hold shift to drift
- Enter to talk
- Top right hyperlink to invite friends (you both get bonus)
- Set your name (account will save over sessions) top left
- Press Space over station to repair and restock ship (unlock new ships, upgrade weapons, complete missions to earn new abilites, re-roll the bonus stats, and more) 

Top Tips (please share yours!)

1. Enter the station to unlock the new ships as soon as possible
2. Complete missions (last tab) to earn new abilites for your ships (new missions per ship)
3. Get new ships to unlock new stations to deploy and defend your homebase

Connect / Feedback

We plan to keep updating it with new content and building what you want (seriously). 
Please tweet me @TDJ with ideas / bugs or pop into our discord:

We <3 your support, thanks for helping us test and hope you help get the word out!