Pixeledo io

Pixeledo is a strategy io game where you need to destroy tiles to find weapons, health, and other useful items. Welcome to the wide world of Pixeledo.io Control your character throughout a top-down tile-based world filled with various creatures and objects trying to destroy you. The world is destructive and destroying tiles can spawn ammo, health, or new weapons, but also spawns creatures that will make survival more challenging. Moves are turn based and only happen at the end of each step (2 seconds) and are based on all the inputs during that step (turn, shoot, move). Single player: Use weapons to destroy tiles and creatures. Find and destory the boss(es) to win. Battle royale: The map shrinks so make your way to the center. Use weapons to destroy tiles, creatures, and other players. Loot ammo, health, and new weapons from destroyed players, creatures, and tiles. Be the last player alive to win. Touch controls: Swipe - move or turn Tap - use selected weapon Swipe angled up and down /\ - jump Swipe angled down and up \/ - diagonal jump Swipe up and down || - auto move Swipe diagonal / - clear current move *swipe inputs that are more than one direction should be continuous (don't lift from the screen). Keyboard controls: W, s, a, d - move or turn Arrows - move or turn Space - use selected weapon 1, 2, 3, 4 - select weapon Z, x, c, v - select newsprint weapon Q or ctrl - jump E or alt - diagonal jump Shift - auto move R - clear current move N - options M - map You can also select weapon inventory, map, or settings by clicking.