is a really fun, tank upgrade, online multiplayer game! You have to tunnel around the map to farm precious gold ores and gain points. Every time you level up, you can spend a point on one of the many upgrades you have to choose from, including weapon damage, reload speed, etc.

3.16 avg. rating (63% score) - 481 votes

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  • Stan Ley

    CZECH: tato hra je teprve v beta verzi, ale přesto nabízí, jednu z nejlepších io her. FPS jsou příjemně vyvážená a ping na beta verzi taky není špatný (mimo update má ping asi 20). Musím říci, že tato hra se velmi povedla a doufám, že se bude nadále jen a jen rozvíjet.

    ENGLISH: This game is still in beta, but still offers one of the best games also. FPS are nicely balanced and ping beta version is not too bad (outside ping update has about 20). I must say that this game went very well and I hope it will continue and only just developing.

  • strengthgainer

    This game is great. I hope that you will optimize this game for every browser.

  • Carl Gilbert

    to much hackers !