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About Bombz.IO is a free 100 player battle game in your browser! Fight as a bomb-wielding elemental in a giant, outdoor arena to get the highest score on the leaderboard.

Play with your friends

Share your server link with friends to decide once and for all who’s the best bomb slinger!

Capture the boss crown

Create more powerful bombs when you’re wearing the boss crown-- but beware, you’ll become the biggest target!

Upgrade your abilities

Grow stronger, move faster, and power-up your bombs by collecting and spending cores.

Climb the leaderboard

Compete with up to 100 other players to claim the top spot on the Bombz leaderboard!

How to Play 

WASD/Arrow Keys to Move

Mouse to Aim

Left Click (Hold) to Charge Bomb

Left Click (Release) to Throw Bomb

Rick Click to Deflect Bomb

1-4 to Purchase Upgrades

Space to Sprint (Costs Cores) Strategy

Destroy rocks and other players to collect cores

Pick up shields to protect yourself against bomb explosions

Seek out the boss crown to create more powerful bombs


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